Free Store Project

The world needs solutions. The Free Store Project is a way for towns, counties and cities to more easily manage their homeless population while giving them the real help they need, and not just a stop gap measure. The Free Store Will do many things. It becomes a hub for homeless services and a place for the homeless to make money and find business opportunities they may never be positioned to find in another way. It provides a place for people to interact with and help the homeless. Something that may not happen much in many other environments.

The beauty of the free store is that it belongs to the community that it exists in so there are no taxes charged by the town it is in…or the county or state. The power company will provide the electricity for free. =-) If we can talk them into it. And it is my firm belief they will want to help. Anyone that helps with this project is going to receive greatly.

The Free Store is the ultimate recycling program. It help enormously with homelessness, but it also will revolutionize recycling. How does the free store work? First off, some one needs to step up in and donates a building.

I know this sounds crazy but. I see no reason why this can not happen. The person that does donate the building will receive a big picture of them as the founder of that Free Store. It will hang in that location for ever. The community that the free store exists in, donates its unused items to the store. Any one can go into the free store once a month for free.

A person can have a set amount of items of essential things like clothes, household items, linens and other things that a person needs to live…..You will be able to get a set amount of furniture yearly for free. (more expansion on this latter) If you want to go into the Free Store more than once a month there is a door fee of like 5 bucks. The same rules apply …you can take so much of a thing like a few pairs of jeans or a couple pairs of socks…ect….How much you can take will depend on the amount of supply coming in and could change based on that criteria. If the free store is getting lots of pairs of jeans and is running out of room…and the local people do not need any more jeans, The Free Store could be used as a way to get things to other cities and towns that do not have Free Stores. There will also be a section for non essential items like art and electronics games ect. These items will never be free but will be sold for very little. Much less than any other thrift store…is the goal.

The Free Store needs as large a building as it can get because it will be doing more than just selling stuff. Half the building is dedicated to the store front. The other half of the building is for the homeless and the services they receive as well as work they can put in to make money. The idea is that this space in the back of the Free Store, is a place the homeless can do projects and make things or help produce things that can be sold in the Free Store online or ebay ect. Ok…so you have the Free Store making money. It should do very well as EVERYONE in the community can go there and feel like they are a part of something. They can also donate and participate in the recycling aspect of this project., and get something for free. So how does this help with homelessness?

The money that the free store makes is used to buy property that we build tiny homes on. There is a new technology that will allow us to PRINT houses for about 4k a pop.

So, you have some property where the homeless are able to find a place to sleep. There will be a camp ground style bathroom and showers to start. We will progress as time and funds allow. One thing the free store pays for is security for the homeless camp ground. People that are homeless are not safe much of the time. This security would ensure they remain safe from a variety of problems.

Another thing the Free Store can help provide is housing help for homeless mental patients.

This is a problem we HAVE to address. Much better now than latter. The bigger the city….the better the Free Store will do.

It could manifest in many ways. If in a large city…The free store could buy apartment buildings. All the same rules still apply.

Money for drug and alcohol rehabilitation are also a goal . Another thing the Free Store could have is an employment agency or some type of job matching service. Workers on demand.

There will never be a CEO that makes 10 million a year from this real non profit.

Extra monies this project creates will go to community leaders with a track record of serving the homeless. Many organizations try to help. And we will help them in return.

The power of the Free Store is in the fact that people get what they need, and learn to contribute to society in return.

Another aspect of the Free Store is the RV Bicycle. Yes. We have an idea for a bike that you can sleep in and will keep you warm. Every Free Store would be a place to repair or work your way up to getting a bike.

There is more thought to be put in. My name is Jacob Ormsby. I own Now Advertising Media. I am excited to be here and share with the human family. There is much more to this idea but, I needed to get this in print.

Thank you for spending the time to read this . If you want to contact me I will welcome your interaction, ideas or thoughts.

This project can change things.

Now we need some volunteers and donors =-).

Thanks again

Jacob Ormsby

Project Project

I lived in Chicago near the projects. I learned first hand, what the problem is. The problem is people have a hard time meeting their daily needs. Food, housing, ect. Many kids as they grow up, see gang bangers with money, cars, girls. Then they look around at the squalor they live in. The filth. The suffering.

Many kids also join gangs for protection. So, generation after generation of kids, becoming gang bangers. How do we stop this? I have an idea. We will start with the hardest hit populations in America. The federal government will give us 50 billion dollars. They can give money to other countries all the time that far exceeds this number so, I figure…they can spend some money on Americans as well.

The best thing is….This idea is not a rat hole to throw money down. It will create real and lasting change because it breaks the cycle. So…lets pretend the good ol USA decides to back my play and gives us the money. Lets say you are in charge of the state of Illinois for this project. You rent (or buy) a warehouse in a part of Chicago that is hardest hit. (should be cheap enough) We will use this warehouse to teach our students trades. We will create plumbers, electricians, welders, and what ever else we can come up with that is relevant. We hire some teachers, and start teaching. Now, here is the best part. If you go to this school and they teach you how to become an electrician, then you after you learn, you owe a debt to your neighborhood. You will be required to give so much time and energy back to your street. So, an elderly lady that can not afford to fix anything on her house or apartment can call the program and put in a work order. Then, qualified people that have graduated our course will respond. That is how the ghetto is transformed. By its own people. Standing up. A billion dollars is a lot of money. But it will in time run out. The way we keep the program running is to have each graduate give 1% of their gross earnings back to their “school.”

If you enter our program when you are in your teens or twenties, you might be able to stop paying back to the school when you are 30 or so, after the numbers are crunched it could be 40. The more students the school turns out as graduates, the more money it makes. The more money it makes, the more people we can serve. There is much more to this idea but, these are the very basics.